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What is the enamel? Colored enamel?

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What is the enamel? Colored enamel? Believe that a lot of friends all don't know the origin of the colored enamel, sum up today.

Enamel mainly divides into: tick enamel painted enamel, wire inlay enamel, three. Known by enamel with rich color gorgeous, so the enamel and enamel colour. Cloisonne officially named "" copper tire wire inlay enamel, belong to one of the wire inlay enamel, not cloisonne enamel, but the cloisonne enamel.

Colored enamel: it takes natural feldspar, quartz and other minerals as the main raw material with some compounds, etc, after crushing, mixing, calcination, melting, pouring the water quench enamel frit, then through the enamel powder grinding, fine grinding. After blending enamel powder coating applied on gold, silver, copper and other Jin Shuqi, by roasting, become metal foetus enamel. If the glass for the tire, it is called a foetus enamel glass; To China for tire, says porcelain body enamel, commonly called "colored enamel.

Colored enamel porcelain is the development of Chinese porcelain production process to the product of the peak, in the Chinese ancient porcelain of coloured drawing or pattern. It is directed, according to in the late qing dynasty kangxi emperor kangxi from the descendants of European metal painted enamel techniques successfully transplanted into the porcelain body and color and burned it on the glaze of porcelain.

Cloisonne production process has been listed in national intangible cultural heritage list in 2006.

It is said that colored enamel has a legend:

Legend in the history of jiangxi jindezhen near in our country, there was one dynasty, generations of porcelain. His house because fine porcelain products welcomed by the people, has shocked the government. Elbow his courtiers qianlong southern dynasty porcelain making is dedicated to the emperor, the emperor greatly praise. Secretary wanted dynasty palace for the emperor and the imperial palace porcelain making. Because of various reasons surnamed hu is not willing to the palace, and ministers in his palace AD hoc a kiln, according to the dynasty of the firing technology out of the beautifully colored enamel porcelain. In order to watch the palace and folk is different, also in order to show the origin of this kind of porcelain, someone will be a "word apart, hu will be designed for palace to burn this colored enamel porcelain is called" GuYueXuan. Legend has it that very tasty, but the appearance of colored enamel porcelain is an inevitable outcome in the history of the development of China before the body of colored enamel porcelain is the cloisonne, known as "painted enamel. It arose in the Ming dynasty, is set in blue color on copper foetus, choke with copper wire, and then fill in the red, yellow, blue, green, white glaze, such as fire and into the process of crystal.

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